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Total Revolution In OIL

Keep your oil equivalent to NEW with TRIO

1500+ Satisfied Customers

5 Different Models Available

Available Across The Globe

21 Years of Expertise

What We Offer

TrioInc is the manufacturer and exporter of various types of oil filtration machines for Hydraulic, Turbine and Gear oil as well as all types of Air, Liquid and Gas filters with filter paper.


Why Choose Trio

Worth Of

Zero Maintenance Machine

Durable, High Quality Materials

Experienced Advisor Service

Our Clients

TrioInc -clientele
TrioInc - clientele
TrioInc - clientele
TrioInc - clientele
TrioInc - clientele


  • Is it necessary to clean the oil?
    Yes, Oil must be cleaned as per IS standards to keep machines maintainence free.
  • When the oil should be cleaned?
    Oil should be cleaned 24*7, but atleast it should be filtered once in 3 months.
  • Does viscocity of oil gets enhanced after filtration?
    No, Never - Viscocity is directly proprtional to temperature.
  • Why TRIO?
    TRIO is one of the best oil filtration machine manufacturer and exporter. TRIO makes various types of versatile oil filtration machine.
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